Luminate For Schools

Luminate for Schools gives you a platform to set up teaching and learning activities for your school online. You have the freedom to create your own learning content and teach from anywhere. With Luminate, you are empowered to connect your instructors with students and continue classroom activities, assessment and engagement like always.
Luminate allows you:
  • Connect your instructors and create virtual classrooms
  • Run interactive classes and get feedback
  • Create and upload your own educational content in video, text, audio, or animations.
  • Access a pool of quality educational content to enhance teaching.
  • Manage students’ attendance and other regular classroom activities.
  • Give and mark assignments or assessments easily.
  • Engage and collaborate with parents from one dashboard.


Luminate stands out among other learning solutions for the flexibility and security it offers to schools, instructors and students. We are proud partners of this technology that will change how students learn in Africa


I like the design of Luminate for the various tools embedded to ensure teaching and learning can still happen in a controlled environment, even outside the classroom


Principal, Goldbeam School

Why you should trust us

Luminate for Schools is powered by Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited – a leading edu-tech solutions provider in Nigeria, pioneering transformations in education, also powering and supporting infrastructure for the largest education bodies in sub-Saharan Africa for the last 27 years. We are also supported by Microsoft Azure, to ensure constant availability and maximum security of your platform, content and data. Our world-class support team consist of best-in-class professionals to help you get the best experience on Luminate.